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the specialist for your investment in Asia!

Asia still is the place to go for any high-tech company that seeks new markets or locations for alternate production facilities. Let Sci-Tec accompany you on this way! With its unique network of experts Sci-Tec merges economic, scientific and political expertise with a distinctive regional background. This first-hand knowledge about the Asian market gives us a decisive edge over other consultancies.

Our Services


Whether or not to expand abroad belongs to the most crucial business decisions of any company.

Executive Placement

Sci-Tec is working to locate, interview and place top candidates for intermediate to executive level technical and advisory positions within its network of clients and partner companies.


Due to its international contacts and network of highly qualified experts, Sci-Tec offers a unique platform for networking and support of academic talents.

Development of new sales markets

The expansion abroad – be it to set up new production sites or to open up new sales markets is one of the groundbreaking decisions of a company.

Complex market analysis

To ensure that your investment decision in Asia is a success, Sci-Tec creates complex market analyzes that are tailored to the specific needs of your company

Networking for research, science and business

Sci-Tec offers a unique forum for networking and promoting young academics

Use this unique resource and make your company fit for the future!